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Quiénes Somos

What is it?

HAY QUE VER is an online audioguide which allows you to visit thousands of places accompanied by historical and cultural information about every street, square and monument... Travel and enjoy the cultural history of the towns and cities of the world in a pleasant, convenient and up-to-date format.


Because many places are alive with history, and when you stand contemplating them, you feel they want to talk to you, to tell you their story. Because we think that many of us would like to be able to read about and listen to the past and present of our culture.

Who is it for?

For everyone who enjoys getting to know the culture and history of the places they visit; a square where forgotten generations have paraded, a monument with a secret to share with you... For those of us who think that a place is memorable when we know why.

Who are we?

HAY QUE VER is a cultural project "perpetrated" by:

  • Research: Carlos Rilova and Javier Mº Sada
  • Photography: Zoé Marechal @zowie23
  • Translations into french: Dominique Tackoen
  • Translations into english: Olwen Mears and Amaya Valcárcel
  • Comercial Department: Raquel Júdez
  • Project Director: Gonzalo Perea



quienes somos